Barbara Iweins is a Belgian photographer who has started her artistic career in Amsterdam where she has lived for a number of years. A collector since a tender age, Barbara continues to classify, and gather and archive her photographic subjects according to strict criteria.

Fascinated by the vulnerability of humans, she passes her time to push the boundaries of what is intimate. Her series “Au coin de ma rue” where she entered bit by bit in the private life of strangers. Or her project 7AM/7PM where she invited these same strangers to sleep at her house to capture the innocence and fragility just as they wake up. Her series “Bath” where she captured the moments of quiet solitude characterize her quest for innocence and the beauty in imperfection. Since her return to Brussels, she has retreated into her own world where she lives like a hermit working on her new project KATALOG. It’s the first time she uses her private life as a case study.

The website "www.barbaraiweins.com" is a SCAM -  SOMEONE STOLE MY IDENTITIY. This website doesn't belong to me! I have never been a blogger and don't intend to!